I did not give my approval or my blessing for the  newest QR cd

(you have not been told the facts)

I was absolutely involved in all aspects like I have always been

 from the day I started the band almost 40 years ago

(song writing, communication, business, etc)

 and then  -  chaos infected the camp

 disorganization     no music completed    

ongoing delays   rescheduling

(no, it wasn't me)

manipulation     greed     the battle for publishing 

unacceptable financial demands

information withheld    lies    deceit

unauthorized corp actions

threats    abuse    resentment


all communication ceased

(and I was forbidden to have any communication with our producer)

I was always available to record


egos and the struggle for power had become a virus

a covert scheme behind my back 

highly unauthorized

corp member(s) attempting to utilize corporate assets

misrepresenting/abusing corp authority - shareholders and owners assets now at risk

multiple attorneys involved     

allegations offraud 

misconduct    breach of duties    investigations pending


w..t..f  ?!

trust violated

very unfortunate

funny how pandoras box opens when you step away for a brief moment in time

time to clean the office

I'll Be Back

. . .

feel free to join in


the Ryche World


There is a much deeper truth, and so many undisclosed facts that have occurred during my so called "leave of absence" ...(??)

Funny how pandoras box opens when you step away for a brief moment in time.

And apparently 53+ hours in labor (Kari and Rockson - 02/2017), resulting in emergency cesarean birthing, leading into unexpected life threatening complications during recovery, was just the perfect opportunity for the band to run amok.

And so the truth of the last 24 Months is much different than the bogus statements being offered up to everyone. There's become some dark layers boiling deep within the Ryche…certainly not what I had planned on when I began the band almost 40 years ago...and to learn who you can trust (or not)?


very disappointing

more soon